Corporate Incubator is 6-month program by which Epic Labs will help you find, train and boost key talent in within your organization who holds fresh ideas and the right motivations to start new ventures to complement or disrupt traditional lines of your business.

What is the Business problem and how can Epic Labs help

Many medium to large companies are seeing how their core business models are struggling to keep generating the levels of profitability that their stockholders are expecting.
New competitors represent a potential challenge by providing similar value propositions to the same customers and users approaching them with disruptive models that are more aggressive, cost-effective and more engaging.

corporate-incubator-epiclabsOne of the greatest assets these medium to large companies have is actually their in-house talent, and often hidden, corporate intrapreneurs or intrepreneurs.
Talented individuals in within large organizations with traditional operating models in many occasions have troubles elaborating and executing on ideas that could become crucial to the growth of the organization. This is a cultural issue.

When addressed correctly this could mean a great opportunity for the individuals and the company; alternately, if managed poorly, this talented individuals could become a great risk as individuals will try to find the motivation on a different company, probably a competitor, or, if they have the courage start up their own business to pursue what they really believe on.
At Epic Labs we have helped companies and individuals to manage this source of talent and creativity to put it in service to the company and individuals.

With this motivation we have launched the Epic Labs Corporate Incubator as a program by which Epic Labs professionals and entrepreneurs will help your organization across the full life-cycle of incubating talented intrapreneurs: Communication and finding the key talent, screening ideas, capacities and capabilities, running and incubating program, filtering the strongest ideas and intrapreneurs, and finding the right environment and exit for this start-ups, spin-offs or new lines of business.

We have a roster of great local entrepreneurs, investors and collaborators from IE Business School, Founder Institute and Epic Labs that will serve as mentors and coordinators of this program.

The benefits of this program are countless. From an HR perspective it will help your organization find, train and uplift key talent that otherwise could be unmotivated and could become a risk of leaving for another company. From a Marketing perspective it will help you attract more talent and potential customers as the brand of your company will be associated to fresh ideas and activities. And, from a business perspective, it will help you find new business ideas that could complement existing ones as well as additional lines of business or that it could be incubated and promoted as a parallel effort and source of revenues.

What is included

  • Definition of Corporate Incubator program: objectives and targets
  • Communication, internal and external, to attract potential talent
  • Screening: to select the individuals with the right motivations, skills, capacity and potentially good ideas
  • Incubation: mentoring and advisory sessions by local top mentors
  • Filtering and exit: presentation of top ideas and intrapreneurs.
  • Definition of how to fit new ideas as part of the organization or separate businesses
  • Fitting new ideas and line of business into existing or alternative revenue streams

Our Digital Transformation Team

Epic Labs is a Software Innovation Center that we leverage to help companies transform into the digital space.We have diverse Team that ranges from great engineers with CTO and software architecture experience to business leaders and local entrepreneurs and investors.We complement our Team and talent with great mentors from organizations such as IE Business School, Founders Institute and leaders of the local startup ecosystem.


Some of the areas we will explore as part of this program: lean start-up, incubation, acceleration, MVP, business plan, revenue models, legal, financial plan, access to investors


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