Our Digital Transformation Team

Epic Labs is a Software Innovation Center that we leverage to help companies transform into the digital space.
We have a diverse Team that ranges from great engineers with CTO experience to business leaders, local successful entrepreneurs and investors.
We complement our Team and talent with great mentors from organizations such as IE Business School, Founders Institute and leaders of the local startup community.

Lean Startup Bootcamp

This is an intensive 8-week program by which change leaders and executives in within your organization will be exposed to how digital startups operate, execute and compete.



Software Innovation Center

This is a Build, Operate & Transfer (BOT) approach by which Epic Labs will help you assess your company’s innovation needs to then build a Digital Labs, Digital Studio or Software Innovation Center capacity .

Corporate Incubator

Is 6-month program  will help you find, train and boost key talent in within your organization who holds fresh ideas and the right motivations to start new ventures to complement or disrupt traditional lines of your business. 

Immersion Program

 Allows for a “tactical” digital transformation. We will embed your Team (business and technical) with Epic Labs Team to jointly create a digital product on a 2 to 3-month effort allowing to share what tools, techniques