What we do

Media Engineering Services

Real-Time Video Experiences

We will work with you to assess your planned or existing media solutions where premium-quality and real-time low-latency video functionalities are critical to deliver great user experience.

SDN / IP Workflow Automation

We will help you build an orchestrated software defined network to allow an enhanced and higher performance workload in your video contribution/distribution network.

Streaming Solutions / CDN

From encoding to player we provide feature-rich solutions to improve time to market, cost-effectiveness, and reliable video applications over the web and mobile video streaming apps.

OTT / Web TV

We will assess your current or prospective digital media strategy, design over-the-top architecture and integration for better usage and maximize return of your media in digital environment.


As a Media Innovation Center we will assess and execute new recommendations on how to architect, deploy, configure, fine tune, optimize, and scale solutions for your services or products.

Media Consulting Services

We will help you build a low-latency interactive video solution that scales massively and allows people to interact with each otherwhile reaching larger audiences.