New dash.js version available

Epic Labs, proud member of the DASH Industry Forum and Digital Production Partnership, announces that version 2.6.7 of the dash.js player has been released.

Several new features have been added in this new version, three of which are particularly important like the new multi-key DRM support, this means that the various tracks that make up a stream, such as video and audio, can each have their own unique DRM systems and/or keys.

A new pre-load feature has also been added, providing a great benefit to end-users. This new functionality enables the stream to be loaded despite the fact that there is not yet a place where it can be shown or played on the screen. This is especially helpful because although the user doesn’t know where the stream is going to be played, it has already started to be loaded, so when it gives play to the video it will start instantaneously, improving the usability.

At last, dash.js has been equipped with methods to allow the player to run without any problem when playing incorrectly formatted material. In many cases, the players must deal with streams with badly created segments or incorrect internal timing, which causes undesired results or the impossibility to play video. Many automatic features have been introduced in version 2.6.7 to guarantee better tolerance to poorly formatted contents so that dash.js can guarantee optimal playback.



The DASH Industry Forum (DASH-IF) establishes interoperability gui- delines on the usage of the MPEG-DASH streaming standard. MPEG- DASH simpli es and converges the delivery of IP video, to provide a rich and enjoyable user experience, to help drive down costs and ultimately to enable a better content catalogue to be offered to consumers.

Epic Labs, proud member of the DASH Industry Forum, is a software engineering center that helps companies to innovate in Media, offering advanced video solutions and several collaboration proposals in digital transformation.