Let’s transform by doing! This Immersion Program allows for a “tactical” digital transformation. We will embed your Team (business and technical) with Epic Labs Team to jointly create a digital product on a 2 to 3-month effort allowing to share what tools, techniques, methodologies and, more importantly, what culture is needed to facilitate and drive digital innovation.

What is the Business problem and how can Epic Labs help

World and business are becoming software and data driven. Open Source community has never been so active and Open Source software is becoming highly competitive.

EPIC_LABS_300ppp72Cloud Computing is making hardware more affordable and, more importantly, consumable with instant provisioning.
This two trends allow, from a technology perspective, to lower the barriers of entry for talented teams and startups to test and validate new experience and business models that could disrupt existing business.

The way these startups operate, the tools, processes (or lack of), methodologies they consume and the culture they are exposed to are critical to their success.

This is an Immersive Program by which a selected number of professionals from your Team (both from the business and technical areas) will get embedded into Epic Labs culture to learn how the startups are designing, operating and executing to create new disruptive digital products.
Your Team members will be trained to play roles as Product Owners, Product Manager, Designers, and Software Engineers adopting Epic Labs methodology and culture and getting embedded into Epic Labs Team.
At the end of the engagement, as deliverables, besides getting a fully functional and great digital product; you would get an uplifted Team that is actually able to design and create more digital products for your business and, more importantly, be able to drive and lead the change needed to transform your business into the digital space.
#BeEpic! & Transform by doing!

What is included

  • Participate on the full process of creating a digital product. From
  • Design Thinking sessions to actual software development
  • Get embedded into a culture built for innovation #BeEpic!
  • Learn what are the appropriate methodologies and tools to support lean startup and agile software development
  • XP, eXtreme Programing: pair up with Epic Engineers to learn, share and create awesome digital products

Our Digital Transformation Team

Epic Labs is a Software Innovation Center that we leverage to help companies transform into the digital space.We have diverse Team that ranges from great engineers with CTO and software architecture experience to business leaders.We complement our Team and talent with great mentors from organizations such as IE Business School, Founders Institute and leaders of the local startup ecosystem.

Some of the expertise leveraged on this service are:

Lean startup, Design thinking, DevOps, CI, Agile product development, Bimodal IT, Customer development




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