DASH Industry Forum, New dash.js v2.6.5 released

Epic Labs, proud member of the DASH Industry Forum and Digital Production Partnership, announces that version 2.6.5 of the dash.js player has been released.
Two main functionalities have been added in this version of the player: Image type adaptations and thumbnails support for UI scrubbing, and improved management of multi period streams.
To implement the thumbnails, the DASH Industry Forum defined an stream track for images in addition to the existing ones for video and audio: http://dashif.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/DASH-IF-IOP-v4.1-clean.pdf. With this new track, a user can get the typical frames inside the seeking bar, appearing an image related to the video content just at that moment.
The other important novelty is the improved support of multiperiod streams. With this functionality, a dash.js stream can be composed of different sub-streams, each of which refers to a specific period. This allows to play different videos through the player at any time and without the need for extra logic.
This has a vital importance, for example, in the dynamic insertion of ads because it allows advertising to be played as if it were another part of the content, making a clean cut without any kind of waiting or buffering, mixing content in a continuous way as if it were a single stream, from a single manifest.


The DASH Industry Forum (DASH-IF) establishes interoperability gui- delines on the usage of the MPEG-DASH streaming standard. MPEG- DASH simpli es and converges the delivery of IP video, to provide a rich and enjoyable user experience, to help drive down costs and ultimately to enable a better content catalogue to be offered to consumers.


Epic Labs, proud member of the DASH Industry Forum, is a software engineering center that helps companies to innovate in Media, offering advanced video solutions and several collaboration proposals in digital transformation.



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