Epic Labs is pleased to announce that version 2.6.3 of dash.js reference client has been released.

This new version comes with some stability enhancements. Changes are mainly related with improvements in the management of multi period streams and in the Adaptive Bitrate Algorithm (ABR), apart from general fixes focused on increasing the robustness of the client.

This new version also comes with enhancements related with DRM management, which is supported through browser’s Encrypted Media Extensions. Most of the work in this has area been focused on implementing new features and fixes related with PlayReady support.

What is coming

For next versions of dash.js we are mainly working in the following areas:

  • Smarter Buffer Management. A dash.js stream is composed by small chunks that need to be fetched, cached and decoded smartly in order to use browser resources (bandwidth, memory, CPU) efficiently.
  • Continuous Integration. We want to reduce the time that takes going from development to release. For achieving that, one of our main goals is setting up new procedures that will ensure this won’t impact on quality or stability of dash.js releases.
  • New features. More and more features are defined by DASH IF IOP and dash.js will continue being the reference client for them. In the coming releases we will add support for Thumbnails & MPD Chaining to dash.js.

Jesús Oliva, Founder & Media Lead Architect at Epic Labs: “We are launching a new version of dash.js every month, always ensuring each release reach the high quality level required for a project that is used daily by millions of users. Part of the work that we are doing is focused on reducing the time that takes putting in production new changes. In addition to our enhancements in the number of unit tests we are implementing automated functional tests that will evaluate the player as if it were a person using it. Everything with the goal of having a real continuous release environment”.

Epic Labs is member of the DASH Industry Forum.