Retrospectives in Agile methodologies. the base of improvements.

Retrospectives in Agile methodologies, the base of improvements.

Whitepaper by Juanjo Escribano.

Taking some time for analyzing ourselves, our status and also our internal processes, is a key factor for improvement either in software development or in our own lives. It is said that even the longest trip starts with a small first step, but knowing where we are is certainly important to go in the right direction. You need to know where you are in order to know how to get to your destination. But as we are all humans we all make mistakes. All the time. Everyday. So, even if you know where you are and the direction you must take to get to your destination, you can miss that step.


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NLP for Computer Vision – Having breakfast with Terminator

In this video, we are talking about another tool of Machine Learning- Natural Language Processor- which could be used to enhance the accuracy and power of computer vision. Natural Language Processing or NLP is used to understand the meaning of human language by training an algorithm that looks for the relationship between words. One of these relationships could be “belongs to” or “contains”, and so we can relate several concrete terms (fruit, cereals, milk) with an abstract concept that contains all (breakfast, morning). We can use this feature to increase our accuracy in detecting concepts in a scene. We also propose this method for the use case “Contextual Advertising” to avoid wrong detections derived from the context of a video:

0:00 – Intro
0:37 – Object Detection
1:07 – NLP definition
1:16 – Context example 1: BREAKFAST
2:00 – Context expample 2: BASEBALL
2:23 – Contextual advertising USE CASE
3:00 – Recap